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Many businesses invest in security personnel to help protect their property but many guards are employed in static roles. Mobile patrols are an underused method of security that is an effective physical deterrent. But are mobile patrols right for your business? Here we’ll take a look at some of the advantages over static guards to help decide if mobile patrols are right for you.

Highly Flexible

Not fixed to a set location, mobile patrols can cover different areas at different times. This pattern of movement is often enough deterrent to discourage unwanted visitors. Plus, mobile patrols can offer clients an immediate response should an alarm trigger. This gives perpetrators less time to escape and protects your assets and customers. Also, if your business is spread out over a wide area like a construction area or warehouse mobile patrols offer the ability to cover and respond to the whole area fast.

Can Carry Out a Wide Range of Checks

Static security guards are limited in the checks they can do while on duty and are usually limited to inside the premises. Mobile patrols can perform a wider range of checks and can cover the entire perimeter of the business. This is ideal for locations that are hard to cover with CCTV alone. Checking for graffiti, signs of forced entry or identifying suspicious individuals are some of the checks mobile patrols can offer than static guarding can’t.

Keep Criminals Guessing

Static guards can often discourage minor offenders from attempting entry or theft. But what about more serious ones? Criminals can circumvent static guards if they’re persistent, but when it comes to mobile patrols they may think twice about trying. To get a basic idea of a patrol route would take a fair amount of time watching, and mobile patrols will likely notice the suspicious activity. Plus, as stated mobile patrols are flexible and their routes can be changed on the fly, making even the best-made plans go awry.

Cost Effective

The flexibility of mobile patrols helps to keep their costs lower than standard static guards. While static guards will stay in the same place and be paid for the duration of their shift, typically mobile patrols are paid only for the time they spend patrolling. This can allow for businesses with a tight security budget to at least have some sporadic security presence to ward off any unwanted guests.

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