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Hire Loss Prevention

Crime rates in recent years are steadily rising, and this has a big effect on businesses. In the busy holiday periods retailers across Australia lose thousands of dollars of stock and assets. With Guardall Security you can reduce incidents of theft and benefit from a relationship that keeps you ahead of the trends and methods used by criminals. Our loss prevention officers will use all the tools at their disposal to ensure profit protection and a return on your investment in security.

What do Loss Prevention Officers Do?

Loss prevention officers are exactly what it says on the tin. They work to prevent loss for the store by preventing people from stealing from the business. Their expertise is not limited to shoplifters looking to steal goods, but also in preventing unsavoury employees from stealing from the tills. Loss prevention officers are also a great defence against an unfortunate reality for retailers: career criminals. Career criminals are well versed in a wide range of tricks from credit card fraud to hiding in crowds and using blind spots to covertly pilfer items. By enlisting the services of an loss prevention officers you can greatly reduce your business’ vulnerability to career criminals as they work to keenly observe and track potential suspicious persons.

How do They Prevent Loss?

Our loss prevention officers undergo extensive training and will often have years of experience in the security industry. Through their experience they have a strong understanding of many of the common tricks a shoplifter of rogue employee might use. Our loss prevention officers keep a keen eye out for anything that might arouse suspicion like people wearing excessive amounts of clothing or entering the store with large bags. Store managers may hire loss prevention officers if they experience spikes in cash or stock losses and are unsure of how to address it. A loss prevention officer will quickly get to work ensuring employees are on the level and monitoring for suspicious activity on the shop floor.

Security Sense

A loss prevention officer may also be called in by a business to carry out security training with employees or to promote a more security conscious zone. For instance, the loss prevention officer may assess things like camera placement or security tagging and advise if there is a need for more measures to be taken to prevent loss. They may also work with store employees to develop better procedures and policies in dealing with and preventing theft in the store.

When you hire a loss prevention officer for your business, you can alleviate a large part of the stress that comes with managing a storefront. Your investment in security will show significant returns as the loss prevention officer works to identify and prevent theft from shoplifters and rogue employees alike.

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