Guardall Security specialises in loss management and is one of the key arms to Guardall Security services. Working closely with relevant stakeholders, protection loss specialists assist retail stores in providing services to improve prevention and detection and deal professionally with shoplifting, package pilferage and fraud related issues.

Guardall Security prides itself in being best in class in the security industry with loss prevention, with on average 1200 apprehensions, arrests and prosecutions over a 12 month period, saving small and large retailers tens of thousands of dollars. Guardall Security operates closely with law enforcement authorities and has an unsurpassed professional reputation.

Guardall Security provides onsite training to assist staff and improve their knowledge on the importance of retail security and its subsequent implications, as well as provide an atmosphere where team members and customers feel safe with a visible security presence.

Guardall Security can assist retails stores with:

Video footage monitoring
Covert loss prevention officers
Theft prevention advice and training
Security assessments
Apprehensions and prosecutions
Static retail guards