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Whether your business is big or small, there are a host of potential risks and threats that can have a detrimental effect on the security and wellbeing of your premises, employees or clients and customers. With all the risks of crime in today’s world, it pays to be prepared and enlisting the services of a quality security company can help safeguard your business from crime. Here, Event Security explores their biggest 5 benefits that hiring security professionals can have for your business.

Sense of Security

Seeing uniformed security guards on-site can give peace of mind not only to you but also to your employees and customers as well. This peace of mind comes with added benefits as employees are likely to be more productive if they don’t have to worry about their safety at work. This is especially true for high-risk areas or for businesses selling high-end products such as jewellery stores, and can increase employee retention saving you money on rehiring. Having a security guard presence can also have the added benefit of showing your clientele that you have a genuine interest and investment in their safety and wellbeing.

Crime Prevention

Having uniformed security guards on-site can act as a strong visual deterrent to unwanted behaviour, proactively weeding out potential issues before they occur. Would-be thieves are often scared off by the presence of uniformed protection, favouring easier and less secure targets. Security guards like ours at Event Security are highly trained and are very perceptive to suspicious behaviour and will react appropriately when they suspect a breach to security. CCTV cameras often perform a similar job of visual deterrence however can be vandalised or specifically avoided, and therefore security officers provide a more tangible deterrent to possible offenders.

Promote Good Customer Service

Our trained security professionals can also act as customer service ambassadors for your business. Guards can be used to act as sentries to control access into certain areas or man front desks. This can promote better customer service by translating into greater engagement and interaction with your clientele. Guards can even be used to assist customers by directing them to find products they’re looking for or escort them to the parking lot if your business operates during late hours. Security guards that have strong interpersonal skills and a professional demeanour like ours will cement in customers’ minds that your business is seriously committed to strong customer service.

We can Handle Security Issues for You

Trained security guards will represent not only their parent company but your business as well and will strive to maintain your reputation. Should any crimes or incidents occur, our professionals will be able to quickly and responsibly to the situation. Event Security employees are trained to be able to competently and sensibly react when a crime is committed, and where possible are trained to properly detain or remove the individual where necessary or safe to do so.

Maintain a Secure Environment

Security professionals can carry out far more uses than simply standing watch on the shop floor. Guards can be used to monitor security cameras so that there is someone available to react to crimes currently unfolding. They can also keep an eye out for potential shoplifting, check visitor identification, guard premises after hours and open or close the business for the day. Delegating these tasks to a security professional allows you and your employees to focus on providing service to your clientele. It’s important though to remember to hire a reputable organisation when handing over important tasks to security guards.

See What We Can do for Your Business Today

Event Security offer a wide range of security services across South Australia to ensure the safety and security of your business or next event. Our well-established team of security professionals and event experts are carefully selected based on their excellent communication skills, professionalism and aptitude for dealing with difficult and uncomfortable situations.

Our team are highly trained to offer a wide range of security services such as: security patrols, loss prevention, alarm monitoring, crowd control and event security. We are very committed to ensuring the safety of you and your business or event, so you can rest assured that your business is being looked after by qualified and trustworthy staff at all times.

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